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This was the only procession I was able to shoot this year during Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Madrid
because I went away for most of the time to get some much neede relaxing done. Next yeqar I will
be in Madrid for the entire week and promise to bring EVERYTHING to these pages.
The procession that you see here took place on "Domingo de Ramos" and the perspective is from
the Plaza de la Villa. The procession is oficially titled "Jesús de la Fey y del Perdón" (Jesus of Faith
and Forgiveness). Although the Mayor of Madrid (Alvaro de Manzano) does not participate in all
of the processions during Semana Santa, he was in this one and I got a shot of him (on the
previous page, third row, second shot from the left).
While I am sure there are some great websites out there in cyberspace on Semana Santa in Spain
in English, I could not find them so here are the choice sites in Spanish (if you want to learn the lingo,
try Academia =elemadrid=):  Site 1) www.semanasanta.tv
If you want it in English, get on their cases about translating the sites. I welcome any English
language Semana Santa website suggestions for this page.