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My thanks to everyone for making my site such a success. I promise not to let the fame go to my head :-)
mention of multimadrid in EL PAÍS, my first bit of press coverage
Translation: IN LOVE WITH MADRID. I am an American and  for years I have been living in Madrid, a city I fell in love with years ago when I was studying here. I have launched a web about the city and I think it is the best online. It includes an impressive interactive virtual tour with a webcam in the Plaza Mayor. Although it is in English, Spanish visitors enjoy it as much as foreigners. Jeremy Reines
"Ciberp@ís" , which is the Thursday supplement to "EL PAÍS" (the number one newspaper in Spain with over 4,000,000 readers). The text for the article at left was taken from a registration I had done with a Spanish search engine. Seems they were impressed by my site and decided to use it in the newspaper.

It is nice to be appreciated for my efforts especially when it is a passion of mine and while the complements I get form my visitors are my best motivation, I was psyched to see that the folks at EL PAÍS though so highly of my website. Since the article came out my number of visits has nearly doubled on a day to day basis, let's hear it for the "prensa" ("press").








       "The Broadsheet" (tbs) which is a popular monthly magazine for ex-pats living in Spain. Nov., 2005 on page 8 they published an interview in their "X-files" section. Visit tbs at www.tbs.com.es






















more press coverage and awards to come ???

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