Learn Spanish in Spain, Learn Spanish in Madrid, Go for it!

Before I came to Spain and fell in love with the country, the culture, the people and traditions, etc... I fell head over heels for the language. In school and growing up we are most often first exposed to the language of a country or region before actually seeing it or living it. This first contact is, in my opinion, the most important thing that can happen to us, it "awakens" our interest in whole new worlds, no matter what language it may be.

So, whether you are an advanced "student" of Spanish, a "principiante" ("beginner") or just have a slight interest in discovering the Spanish language, this is the place to be online. As an ex-teacher of both high school and college level Spanish, I miss the teaching world and wanted to incorporate a Spanish learning resource into my website on the city & country I adore big smiles all around

In this section you can learn, play games with the language, do research and even ask the teacher.
In my spanish language help forum you will find Spanish teachers (myself included of course) who are here in this "ciberespacio" ("cyberspace"), ready and willing to answer your questions the best we can  , a unique an truly useful online resource for learning Spanish.
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