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Running south-north (or vice-versa depending on where you pick it up) between the Plaza de Cibeles and the Plaza de Colón and Jardines del Descubrimiento, we find the Paseo de Recoletos. Aside from being an everyday esplenade where both Madrileños and visitors to Madrid stroll, have their café con leche, etc..., the Paseo de Recoletos is venue to many fairs and other events in Madrid throughout the year:
1) Feria del Libro Antiguo y de Ocasión ("Antique and Second HAnd Book Fair") - May 4th to the 20th and September 29th to October 15th.
2) Feria de Artesanía de Madrid - December 22nd to January 5th.

Lined with trees, fountains, statues and quaint cafés, at the north end of the Paseo de Recoletos we find the "Biblioteca Nacional" ("National Library"), an amazing building in its own right. Amongst the cafés, we find the "Terraza Recoletos", the famous "Café Gijón" circa 1888 and the impressive "Café El Espejo". The Café Gijón and the Terraza Recoletos  sport their outdoor tables from MArch to November while El Espejo has a shorter outdoor dining season form May to November. As a general rule, the outdoor dining experience is expensive but the atmosphere is hard to beat. Don't miss the great glass pavilion of "El Espejo", even if it is just for a quick photo op. I persoanally recommend the Tapas at "El Espejo" for an afternoon "merienda" ("snack"). In my opinion, fall is the best time to stroll up and down Recoletos. I am not sure why but it has something to do with the crisp cool air that gives me the feeling of vitality.

Paseo de Recoletos - jeremy's practical info
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Metro stop: Banco de España - line click to see complete line trajectory or Colón - line click to see complete line trajectory.

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Getting there: in order to experience the entire Paseo de Recoletos, pick it up at either the Plaza de Cibeles and walk north or at the Plaza de Colón and Jardines del Descubrimiento and head south.

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