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The Arco de la Victoria (Arc of Triumph) is the work of architect Arregui and was erected in 1956 to honor the Spanish Army. Located near the base of the Faro de Madrid in Moncloa at the end of the Calle Princesa, the Arco de la Victoria is not as old as one might think, it was built under the dictatorship of Francisco Franco to celebrate his (and the Nationalist's) victory over the republicans in the Spanish civil war. The Latin "ANNO MCMXXXVII" on the arc (visible on some of the enlarged shots on my photo page)translates to "Year 1937", one year into the Spanish civil war (1936-39) which was considered the 2nd victorious year of Franco's Nationalists.

Some refer to the Arco de la Victoria as the "Puerta de Moncloa" ("Moncloa Gate") due to its appearance and where it is located. It does look like a gate to the city but has never been used as such. Most locals call it the "Puerta de Monlcloa" however, I guess it just sticks in their heads that way. Besides, I suppose calling it that helps them to forget Franco.

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Arco de la Victoria - jeremy's practical info
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Metro stop: Moncloa - line click to see complete line trajectory & click to see complete line trajectory.

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Getting there: The Arco de la Victoria is located at Avenida del Arco de la Victoria s/n (no number) and is clearly visible when you come out of the Metro at Moncloa.

Tip: when visiting this site, do not miss the Faro de Madrid which is located just beyond it less than a 5 minute walk away. You also get a great view of the arc (and of most of the city) from high atop the the Faro de Madrid.

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