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One of the largest open squares in Madrid, the Plaza de Espaņa (Plaza of Spain) sports what used to be the tallest building in the city, the "Torre de Madrid"as well as the "Edificio de Espaņa" (currently houses many businesses as well as a huge hotel). Both of these buildings were designed by the designed by the Otamendi brothers and were finished in the early 1950s which was when the plaza became a popular city sight.

    The attractivenes of it's centerpiece, a huge monument dedicated to Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes and his most (in)famouse fictional characters Don Quijote and Sancho Panza,  keeps visitors flocking to it. The photo at left is of the monument's front, click HERE for loads of photos and videos of the Plaza and monument. The monument tells the tale of Don Alonso Quijano's (Don Quijote) journeys around Castilla La Mancha from the novel by Cervantes and the 4 faces of the monument are replete with characters and scenes form the novel, including of course his beloved "Dulcinea de El Toboso" who, in his fantasy world, was a beautiful maiden but in reality (as in the statue) is depicted as the serving wench doing the wash. The meaning of the statue's faces will escape the average visitor who has not read, perused or even heard of the world famous Novel by Cervantes (translated into most world languages by the way) but nonetheless, the plaza has become an obligatory visit for anyone coming to Madrid. 

    On any given fair weather day one can find the Plaza filled to the brim with sunbathers, vendors and locals and tourists alike.

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