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Madrid has the honor of being the World Book Capital for 2001. From the 2nd of May until the 10th of June we find various tributes to our friends "los Libros" (Books) throughout the Spanish capital. Featured on this photo page is the great book drive for Nicaragua for the "Día del Libro" (the 2nd and 3rd photos), over 75,000 books were collected (and more importantly, DONATED) for Nicaragua. The rest of the page features scenes form the "Feria del Libro Antiguo y de Ocasión" (The Antique and Second Hand Book Fair) which takes place on the beautiful Paseo de Recoletos. There are in fact 2 of these book fairs in Madrid on the Paseo de Recoletos throughout the year. One takes place during the first 3 weeks in May and other in late September/early October. The first of these events took place for the first time from April 23-29, 1933. These fairs are not to be confused with the "Feria del Libro de Madrid" (Madrid Book Fair) which takes place every year from late May to mid June in the Retiro Park. There is also a permanent book fare in Madrid every Sunday morning on the Cuesta de Moyano, near the Retiro Park (but on a much smaller scale).

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The XXV edition of the "Feria del Libro Antiguo y de Ocasión" brought more than 500,000 different books to Madrid this year which filled the stands that lined the Paseo de Recoletos which is a tree, café and fountain adorned esplenade that lies between the Plaza de Cibeles and the Plaza de Colón. From novels to children's stories,  photography books to biographies, travel books to pop-ups, it is ALL here. Some are new, others beaten up with stained pages half falling out.  Prices vary from 100 pesetas to 300,000 pesetas and the feria does not discriminate, all books are welcome here. Treasure hunters come here to find those lost unrecoverable volumes of the past as do children to pick up the latest copy of their favorit comic book. If you have the time to look through the more than 42 stands inthe feria, you will surely find what you are after, and if you haggle, at the right price! Mnay booksellers bring out their best, their BIG GUNS so to speak for this special occasion which grows and becomes more and more popular with each May that passes. At the feria you will not only find books, it also offers the visitor maps, posters, drawings, stickers, cutouts, comics, magazines of all types and you will even find some restaurnat menus (a true collectible in some circles). As a final note, the ferianormally draws between 350,000 and 450,000 visitors per year, so get yourself there early and find that litterary jewel.

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Feria del Libro Antiguo y de Ocasión de Madrid - jeremy's practical info
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Metro stop: Banco de España - line click to see complete line trajectory or Colón - line click to see complete line trajectory (depending on where you want to start from).
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Hours and days: Every year from May 4th to the 20th. 9am(ish) to 9pm(ish).
Where: Along the Paseo de Recoletos. You can either start at the south end of the Paseo where it begins in the Plaza de Cibeles and walk your way north to the end at the Plaza de Colón or vice versa (see the Metro stops above for each).

Other: You can also check out my INDEX OF MADRID BOOKSELLERS, complete with addresses and links to their websites. Also, if you know of a good bookstore that I have left out, please drop me an e-mail to jeremy@onspanishtime.com

Jeremy's Rating: Don't miss it if in Madrid in May. The Feria del Libro Antiguo y de Ocasión coincides with the fiestas del Dos de Mayo and San Isidro which is without a doubt Madrid's biggest fiesta.

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