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An 18th century fountain in honor of Cibeles the Greek goddess of fertility, we see her riding in a chariot drawn by lions. The children playing in the waters behind the chariot were added later.

    The fountain was originally placed closer to "Cuartel General del Ejército" (building across from the "Banco de España" on the other corner of the "Calle de Alcalá") and looking south instead of west but it was changed to its current position at the beginning of 20th century. Cibeles fountain is one of the main symbols of Madrid (visible as an emblem in many places) and a favorite of all city. During the siege of Madrid in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) the fountain was protected by a wall of sandbags so no harm would come ot the goddess and her chariot. In today's modern Madrid metropolis, it is a gathering place for Real Madrid soccer club fans after they win  important games. While climbing on the statue is not allowed and police presence is huge during such reunions, there are always those who try to take the plunge!.

    The amazing building that you see behind the Cibeles Fountain is the Central Post office of Spain and you can see my photo page on it by clicking HERE.

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